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Daisy toolbox

A Toolbox and A Ladybug

I managed to go to a couple of yard sales this past weekend. It’s not often that I find all the pieces to a vignette in one day. (Vignette isn’t the right word here, but I can’t think of anything better.) First, I found this toolbox: Someone had painted it silver, which is fine. I’m sure it was just a tin toolbox and they “prettied” it up because it was looking rough and banged up. Well, it’s been painted long […]


A sweet, sweet gift

I had a birthday recently. It’s fine with me to totally ignore my birthdays. I don’t like the numbers, but at the same time I sure am glad to have all those numbers! And hope to have nearly that many more. But the junkin’ gal pals always have a girls’ night out when one of us has a birthday. One of my presents was this wonderful, old print: Guess I should’a moved the plant before taking the picture, huh? Melanie […]


A Simple Fall Leaves Decoration

If you know me at all you know I’m kind of a vintage snob. I like things that have some age on them and have resisted new stuff for… well… I suppose since I started housekeeping. Sure, there are newer things in my home, but the overwhelming majority of things are old. I tend to do that to my booth as well. I mean, I named the business Just Vintage. That ought to mean something! But I realize most people […]

French buffet with brown transferware

Brown Transferware Love

A couple of weeks ago I showed something I’d change in my house. Today, I’m showing y’all something I love. My very small collection of brown transferware that is in my very small dining room. I guess it’d be the breakfast room. Pin It I’ll zero in shortly, but first about a couple of the other things. The lamp was my mother’s. She had an interior decorator come in and do her whole house in 1967. This lamp stayed on […]


Fall Yarn Wrapped Wreath

Have you been seeing all the yarn wrapped wreaths? There are some really pretty ones out there. I thought I’d try my hand at one. I didn’t want to invest much in the yarn and Wal-Mart was the closest seller of yarns for me, so choices were limited. There weren’t many good fall color choices, but I did the best I could. Cream, brown and cream, burgundy and a brown mix. Pin It Ha! See the camera, my hand, part […]

Mini pumpkin centerpiece

Pumpkins on the table

Most of you are all decked out for fall and Halloween already. I’m getting a late-ish start. I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman the past week or two. OK. Not actually cleaning much, but cleaning out. Well, not actually cleaning out either, but boxing up the seemingly millions of things that are or will be for sale that made it to the house instead of the shop. I have a real, away from home warehouse, for goodness’ sake! Why […]


Here’s something I want to change in my house

Last week Vanna asked me what I’d change about my house. (By the way, if you’ve never gone to Vanna’s blog, Delusions Of Grandeur, go there. It’s a gorgeous treat for the eyes.)  I won’t list the things I’d like to change about the house itself. It’d make me sound miserable and ungrateful. I’m not. But I will step out and show you an eyesore — Part of the living room. Ugh. Pin It Oops. Forgot to pull out the […]

This decorating magazine picture is how old??

Like most of you, I pull and save pictures from decorating magazines. Pinterest was a Godsend! I even considered scanning all my pages and putting the images into my Pinterest folders. Imagine all the space I could clear up. When I craved even more inspiration, all I’d have to do was sit at the computer and browse. That idea lasted all of 5 minutes. I’d never ever finish the mountain of pages. I knew I’d be setting myself up for […]


Peeks at the new craft room

Only peeks, though. I’m far, far, far from ready to show it. There’s still a filing cabinet in here that doesn’t belong and I don’t have everything arranged. There’s also a piece I want to use in here where the filing cabinet is now. I was given, yes given this old, hand made cabinet. It’s on an iron refrigerator base that stands, oh, 2-1/2′ tall or so. The total height of the cabinet is about 6′ and it’s over 3′ […]


Redecorating the pantry

There’s this little room next to the kitchen. I believe when the house was built it was a porch and next to it was a carport and next to that was the  laundry room. A previous owner made the carport into a “playroom”, left the laundry room where it was which then opened into the playroom and turned the porch into a… hmmm… well…. we always called it a breakfast room but it was/is much too small for that. I […]