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Some fresh ornaments and – Do you know what your talents are?

My love/hate relationship with Pinterest has had me thinking. And thinking hard! Yeah, yeah. I hear the giggling and snickering out there. Once you get over the thought of me thinking hard, this is what I’m talking about. One day with Pinterest, I’m all inspired. I want to make every crafty thing I see, I want to make my house pin worthy. And really believe I can. The next day I believe I only had pipe dreams. Foolish ideas. Who […]



Gratitude. I haven’t been doing the whole “today I’m grateful for…” thing on Facebook or the blog, but that doesn’t mean I’m not. No, no, no! I could bore a preacher to tears with my list of “thankful fors”. There are the usual, noble things like health, family, friends, pet, home…. then it gets into clean water, clothes to wear, enough food to make me fat…. But it can also include things like getting to buy a Silhouette Cameo a […]


Fall Yarn Wrapped Wreath

Have you been seeing all the yarn wrapped wreaths? There are some really pretty ones out there. I thought I’d try my hand at one. I didn’t want to invest much in the yarn and Wal-Mart was the closest seller of yarns for me, so choices were limited. There weren’t many good fall color choices, but I did the best I could. Cream, brown and cream, burgundy and a brown mix. Pin It Ha! See the camera, my hand, part […]

Cloche or shoo fly made from a vintage strainer - From Just Vintage

Wire Strainer Shoo Fly Cloche

Wanna talk about being on a roll? That’s me! Another project completed! I’ve seen these little cloches or shoo flies made from wire strainers for a year or two now and it was on my list of things to do. I found an old strainer at an estate sale for a dollar. Pin It Normally, $1 would be more than I’d want to pay, but the wire in this one had such character. It was finer than most and more […]

Box with graphic transfer from Just Vintage

A Box for Paper

This time of year always makes me want to make things, to sew, to clean, to redecorate. Spring does it, too. It’s just the change in the weather. I’m sure you’re the same whether you realize it or not. I look at your blogs, see the pretty things you’re doing, look at Pinterest, at magazines, and think, “I WANT TO DO THAT, TOO!” And yes, the words are shouting in my head. I see so many things I want to […]

Decorated Sun Sweet Bottle – As Seen On Pinterest

Ah, yes. I was a copycat again. This project has my heart, though. I’m still trying to figure out where I can use it in my house. This one was seen on Pinterest, from the Mod Podge site by their guest poster, the very talented Mitzi, of Mitzi’s Miscellany. She showed how to Mod Podge labels onto bottles. She creates her own labels, but for this particular project used the round Sigaut label from The Graphic Fairy. I saw the […]

Post-it Notes Pads from the Just Vintage Blog - Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Post-it Notes Holder Pinterest Project

I’m a copycat. I admit it. And am only a tiny bit ashamed. If I could come up with my own ideas, I certainly would, but I seem to be lacking that gene. Or it’s severely handicapped. I saw this cute project on Pinterest pinned from Huckabys Happily Ever After blog. Post-it notes holders made from coasters. They were darling and – gasp – I thought “even I can do that!” Then my mind headed in the direction it always […]

Yellow chest with brown knobs

More painted pieces

This is just a quick post to show a few more painted pieces my talented husband has done. I’m not the painter in the family. As a matter of fact, I’ve realized I’m not good at much of anything! And I’m trying not to let that get me down. Don’cha hate it when you take a picture and notice later something was off kilter? The drawers weren’t in correctly. This chest is at Longleaf Antique Mall in Alexander City, Alabama. […]

Painted magazine rack with image transfer

Graphics transfer onto painted wood

Stop the presses! I completed two, that’s the number 2, projects! Completed! Amazing, I know. Don’t know what’s got into me, but it’s a good thing. I like it. I’ve been feeling creative the past couple of weeks and thought I’d tackle some projects that have been sitting here mocking me. Taunting. Teasing. Making fun. Thinking I’d never change them. Ha! Joke’s on them. I did it. And there are plans to do more. I wanted to try putting some […]

Small white chest with pink handles

An ugly duckling chest turned into a swan

Ricky’s had no rest since he “retired”. He’s repaired and painted 5 pieces of furniture already. You saw the turquoise sideboard. The latest was a little, three drawer chest. And, can you believe it? I remembered to take some before pictures! Forgot to take the after pictures until we had it in the booth and I didn’t have the good camera. Before: Pin It Pin It Notice the dangling knobs and the splits on the grody side bottom. The piece […]