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What’s in this week’s box?

Here are a few of the things that came out of storage this week. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of everything, as some went straight to booths. And… I forgot to take pics at the booths. Of course. This is me we’re talking about here. All these things have been added to my Etsy shop. I don’t mind telling you it’s killing me to sell the trim and the lamp shades, but I’ve had them for years […]

Don’t skip the last hours of an estate sale!

My friend, Tiffany the Cranky Queen , and I have started conducting estate sales locally. And let me tell you, it’s Work! Hard Work. But that’s another story. (We’re Sentimental Suitcase Estate Sales.) What I want to share today is some of the things left at the most recent sale that nobody noticed or wanted — and should have, especially if they’re resellers. We price for dealers on the first day, so when it’s half price, they’re great bargains. A […]

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The move out of the shop is done

No pictures today. Haven’t had time to take any! In case anyone has been following the few posts I’ve made recently I thought I’d give a quick update. (Ha! Quick? Me?)  The move out of the old shop is finished. We locked the doors for the last time at 5 minutes til midnight July 2. Two days after the goal. There are approximately 30 storage tubs of booth worthy items. A 10×30 foot storage unit is packed with those, seasonal […]

Exciting free 4 week on-line blogging class! Basics to monetizing

Are you thinking of starting your own blog? Maybe you have one already and are wondering how how to make a bit of cash with it. Are you like me? A bit jaded about “free” classes? Most I’ve attended just give you a taste of what they sell in their ebook or whatever else it is they’re promoting and you come out basically with nothing but wasted time. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this one. Sure they have tutorials and […]

A friend’s booth at the Pickle Patch

I took these pictures of my friend Teri’s booth at the Pickle Patch in Sylacauga a couple of weeks ago. She always has the neatest things, specializing in beautiful, creative painting. The next time I went in, maybe as much as a week later, the booth was almost empty. It’s no surprise almost everything had sold! Way to go Teri! These particular things may no longer be available, but they are typical of her work. If you’re in or visiting […]

A pretty decent buying weekend

I’ve not been out buying much at all this year because… well… look at the previous post. I hardly need to. I’ve got to work out all the things causing the storage problem. Got to get it all in booths. And we are making progress! Deciding to bypass Etsy has made a huge difference. I can just slap a price on something and get it out of here. But there was a moving sale in my neighborhood last weekend that […]

A new booth in a new mall!

We’re at it again. Opening another booth in a mall new to us, Angels in Opelika, Alabama. It’s a big ‘un. The mall and the booth. Both big. We’ve been working hard the past few weeks getting things ready to go in the booth, but kept having to put the stuff we were finishing into the booth at Longleaf in Alex City because stuff was selling out of there. So now, both booths are kinda bare looking. It’s all taking […]

Latest Sale Finds and the Baby’s First Estate Sale

My goodness! How quickly time flies and I get behind on blog posts!  There were several sales going on last weekend and even Monday and Tuesday. I was out there, in the trenches, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Digging and hunting. Searching hard for the bargains and treasures. All the while trying to avoide the big and tall people who don’t see me and tend to bump into me and step on me and push in front of me…. Does […]


A repurposed piece of enamelware

When I spotted this 8″ square piece of enamelware recently, I knew immediately it should be a magnet board. Normally, I’ll see something and think that needs to be in my stash. Surely I can think of something to do with it. Then years later, it’s still in my stash. But not this time. And I hopped right on the “project”! Of course, all I had to do was make some magnets and then stage the photo. I’m trying to […]

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