Moving to a new blog

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m not posting on my blog, Just Vintage Home. It didn’t make sense to have two blogs and have to decide which subjects go to which blog… and shoot. I can’t even keep up with one! I figured, too, that Just Vintage Home was a better name for possible, future, occasional, paid reviews and such.

There are more plans for that blog. For instance, I hope to get my own shop up and running there in addition to Etsy. But it all takes time. Lots of time. Time I can’t seem to find. So it’s a slow go. But I am posting there, so hop on over and see what’s new!

Mystery Item Identified Through An Old Catalog

Here’s a great way to identify and date a lot of the vintage items we run across at estate and garage sales. But you have to have a bit of luck first. And never pass up an old catalog!

I had such luck cleaning out my parents’ house. My mother kept quite a few old catalogs, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s. These were catalogs like Lillian Vernon, Drakes, Taylor Gifts, Carol Wright…

At an estate sale Tiffany and I conducted last year, this vase thingy was left over at the end. I thought it was intriguing and besides, it said it was made in France. So it came home with me.

Four Decanters In One

It was so odd that it had four holes in the top. I could only think of it as being a vase for four long stem flowers. No, I have no imagination.

Four Decanters In One

So it sat around here and every time I would look at it, I’d wonder what it was and what I should do with it.

Then I started thumbing through one of the catalogs. Actually, a Family Circle pull out of 366 New Gift Ideas By Mail. Unfortunately, there is no date, but I estimate it to be mid 1960s to 70s.

Right at the top of page four, there it was! Not a vase at all, but a decanter! Four decanters in one, to be exact.

Four Decanters In One

Here’s the description:

From France, Decanter has four individual compartments to hold 4 different liquers! Hand crafted clear glass. Fitted polystyrene stoppers. Unique!


Well, alrighty then. I wonder if those stoppers were in a drawer and I didn’t know what they went with? Anyway, now that I know what it is and that it’s incomplete, with the most important parts missing, I’m torn what to do with it.



Why I may not shop any yard or estate sales for a long, long time

Have I had my fill of yard and estate sales? Nah. Just when I was beginning to catch up with stored booth and Etsy stock and getting ready to hit the sales in full swing again… Just when I thought we were going to get the carport and yard cleaned up and stop embarrassing the neighbors… My dad decided to sell his house and move to a smaller one.

He’s moving from a 12 room house, not counting the TWO kitchens and 3 bathrooms, into a newer, 6 room house with an open floor plan. Two of those 12 rooms in the old house were storage rooms, one was full of his hand tools… AND he had a little workshop in the back yard full of big – and small – tools. My mother was an organized hoarder and they went to yard sales every weekend for over 30 years. Daddy remarried after my mother passed away and he and his second wife added to the accumulation with new things more to her taste. To put it simply, there was a lot of stuff.

He put the house up for sale and the first people to look at it bought it. We had precious little time to get him moved. There was no time for a big sale. There was some murmuring about donating the things he didn’t want or couldn’t use, but I couldn’t do it. Could. Not. If it’s not his stuff, that makes it mine. Since this is the way we make our living, and that was actually part of my inheritance, I had to pack it up and bring it to my house. Had to. Wanna see some pictures of our yard? This is what our poor neighbors have to drive by.

Looks like an episode of Hoarders, doesn’t it?


An upholstered chair is under the plastic.


Moving on to the driveway. See, our original mess of Ricky’s furniture building is piddly compared to what we added to it. We got a lot of boxes from the liquor store. I kept hoping there would be a bottle left in one by mistake. We needed some of that Wild Turkey after all this.


Can you see all those filing cabinets? There are several tall ones hiding back there, not just the little guys. I think my mother bought every one she saw if the price was right.


This is under the carport. The picture really doesn’t convey the enormity of the mass of boxes. It does, however, convey the path we have to walk through to get to the house.

It doesn’t end here. The other side of the house, not the back, mind you, but the front side, has two sets of plastic wicker and two metal patio sets. And the front porch got two old, wicker chairs.

There is still more that made it to my dad’s garage before he decided he couldn’t handle the mess. Ha! We’ll have to get that, too.

We’re frantically working to get this cleaned up and under control. It’s looks much, much better tonight. As much as possible will go into a storage unit, but ya know, once it gets there, I forget about it. So I’m sorting, keeping, and pricing like a crazy lady over the next couple of days while it’s raining.

My deepest apologies to the neighbors, and to the people who thought we were going to have the yard sale of the year.

From skates to an antique pitcher – This week’s picks

Life has thrown a shi boat load of busy and stress at me this year, especially lately. Even though I’ve vowed to get in the habit of going to the sales again – although I still don’t need to because of so much still in storage awaiting my hand to reach in, pull it out and put it up for sale – it just hasn’t happened. But yesterday, I was in an area where two estate sales were happening. One was the final day, half price, and the other was “invitation only” with only the three or four hundred people on the mailing list “invited.” LOL

I’m such a bottom feeder. I found nothing at the invitation only sale, but did pick up a few things at the half price sale.

Metal skates, Santa, pitcher and old letter stamps

Pretty, old pitcher, round, metal thingy, old Santa, old, metal skates without their straps (Now what can we do with them?) and old, wooden, letter and number stamps. I’m keeping the stamps, but everything else will be for sale. I believe they’ll all go in booths. If you’re interested in anything, shoot me an email.

I normally go to estate sales here in my town or head to Birmingham. This day I was in the opposite direction by about 60 miles. Imagine my surprise to see my favorite Birmingham estate sale company holding the half price sale! He was over 100 miles from home. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to one of his sales. It was good to talk to him.

So the crop was small, but fun. And it felt good to be out again.

The latest finds

Had a pretty good weekend at the sales. There weren’t very many, being toward the last of the month. But I got wind of an estate sale on a street near where I grew up. Nosy Nannie that I am, I looked up the address on and found out it was the parents of someone I went to school with. His mom taught me… something… in high school. Some business course, I’m pretty sure, but can’t remember for the life of me! His dad was our first insurance agent. We’ve been with the same agency ever since.

Ricky and I were out Thursday evening and I asked him to ride by the house. There was stuff on the lawn. Lots of stuff! Actually, it was advertised as an outdoor estate sale.


This picture was taken Friday morning, but it is what I saw Thursday evening.

There was a man leaning over into the trunk of a car that looked to me like my classmate, but Ricky wasn’t about to stop. “You know how annoying it is when people try to come early” “I don’t think that was him” “blah, blah, blah.” So we rode on.

I didn’t sleep well Thursday night and was up before daylight Friday. Could not wait to get to the sale that said it would start at 8:00. I got there about 6:30. Was thrilled to be the first and only for a good half hour. Then the bubble burst. In conversation, I learned that people had been coming by all day Thursday and buying stuff. All the “good” furniture was gone. Grrrrr. But I still got these chairs.

Booth at Angel's August 2014

Can you see them behind the table? I forgot to get a picture before they went to the booth, then forgot to get a pic of just them in the booth. They were antiqued in the 1960s. They have that great, green paint. I was surprised when I heard people had shopped the day before that nobody got them. Especially Tiffany, The Cranky Queen! Yep. She was one who went early. That’s a story in itself, but it’s one for her to tell. She said they weren’t priced when she was there. And I’m pretty sure she got some of the “good” furniture. These are in our booth at Angel’s in Opelika.

I also loaded up on ladies shoes:

Vintage shoes & sunglasses

These were the best of them. There were several pairs of Keds and some other, summer shoes. I thought those sunglasses were really cool.

Got some smalls, too:

Estate sale smalls August 2014

The ice bucket at the bottom is an Oregon Trail ice bucket. I ran by Tiffany’s house today and saw the glasses that go with it on her counter. She bought them the second day of the sale. I never saw them and she never saw the bucket. We’re going to put them together in one of our booths.

That was it for me on Friday. Saturday took me to a few yard sales.

Yard Sale Stuff

The frame and candlestick aren’t old, but I liked the look of them. I put a chalkboard in the frame (which isn’t as bright red as the picture) and took it and the candlestick to our booth at Longleaf Antique Mall in Alex City. The spice rack will – someday – eventually – maybe – be painted to be a nail polish holder.

Candle Stand

Next sale produced this candle stand or occasional table. It’s a project. Like that was just what I needed. But the price was more than right. It was impossible to refuse. For a junker, anyway.

Thought I was finished and passed by a house that had a sale last week having another sale this week. There was what looked like a big door standing up on the side of the junk. I turned around and went back. Ended up being a crummy, not very cool window, but I did purchase this:

Small nightstand

Another project. It was loaded up in my car and I called it a day. But wait! There’s more! A couple of hours later the phone rang. The lady who had conducted an estate sale last weekend had a bedroom suit nobody bought. She even tried to sell it on Facebook. The only person interested changed their mind and did I want it? Uh…. maybe? I mean, nobody else wanted it. Am I famous for taking the dredges? Yeah. Probably.

Blonde dresser

I think the reason it didn’t sell was the price. But it needed to be out of the house so she cut me a great deal. There’s a plain headboard and foot board that go with it. It definitely needs work, but this is going to be a nice piece when we finish with it. It weighs a ton. Drawers are very well made. Color decisions will need to be made quickly.

The end.

Fresh Finds and Fall Booth Rearranging

Last weekend took me to a small estate sale and a few yard sales. I was first – #1 – numero uno – at the estate sale. For about 5 minutes. It was good while it lasted.

I knew I was going to get several of these things out and into booths quickly and had to do hurry up pictures. So…. please don’t judge me by these horrendous pics! Late afternoon light streaming in through the sheers. Horrible shadows. Ugh.

Yard Sale Junk

All but the Pyrex came from the estate sale. A “glitter plastic” ice bucket, cute change purse, Italian ashtray, blue, cardboard suitcase and an Anchor Hocking, Prescut dish I’ve never seen still with the label attached. The Pyrex was just down the road at a yard sale. Not priced. I don’t usually bother to ask when things aren’t priced. It’s just too awkward when it’s more than I want to pay. I’m kinda shy like that. But this time I did ask and the price was just fine.

The Pyrex and the ashtray will go on Etsy. The ice bucket and suitcase are in my booth at Angel’s. Haven’t decided on the other things yet.

Yard Sale Finds

The basket had leather (or leather like) strap hinges and is already sold. Sold the second day it was at Angel’s. Got the lamp because it was cheap. I really should leave lamps alone. The red bud vase looked like a good Christmas thing to me. The towel rack I had to take down from under the sink at the estate sale. It has really good, green paint and the paint on the fingers has worn away from wet rags hanging on them through the years. I do believe that was my favorite find of the weekend. It will probably be going on Etsy.


Chest of Drawers

This chest was at the estate sale, also. I don’t believe in painting something when the finish looks good. Y’all know our kids or grandkids are going to moan and groan that we painted everything in sight, don’t you? The chest is in my booth at the Pickle Patch in Sylacauga.

I also bought a mid mod desk that went straight to the storage unit. I plan to keep it and use it as a sewing table.


I did some fall rearranging at the Pickle Patch booth yesterday. Here are a couple of pictures:

Fall Banner

Gah! My eyes! The picture is so blurry!

Fall Booth Vignette


So there you have it. God awful pictures and all.

A Picker’s Heaven – I’m Out Shopping Again!

I recently went to a picker’s Heaven.

Picker's Heaven

Yes, I’ve finally sold down enough of my stuff-for-sale-accumulation (or put it out somewhere for sale) that I feel free to start shopping again. I’d stopped actively buying for over a year! Gasp! I was having the occasional bout with depression and I’m beginning to think it was withdrawals. It feels so good to be out on the hunt again.

This particular sale isn’t widely advertised and people have actually been shopping it for a year. I went once last year. See the pile of chairs in the back of the picture above? There are stacks of tables under them. Table tops separated from their legs so they stack better. Nobody has had the nerve or energy to unstack them yet. Maybe that’ll be me. Next time.

Picker's Heaven

The deceased loved to collect. He seems to have been a bit of a hoarder of good, fun, junk. There are prices on most everything, but it’s unclear if that was the price he paid or if he hoped to sell it all some day. At any rate, the family is so overwhelmed, we just make a pile and they give us a price. They’re not exactly giving it away, I’d like it to be cheaper, but it’s not over much, either.


Picker's Heaven

There are several buildings full. The building in the picture above was said to be unpicked. The family had cleaned out some more and put it in an empty building. It’s amazing that there is still this much stuff left. And way, way, way more than is in these three pictures. It’s makes a junker’s heart go pitter-pat. There might have even been someone hyperventilating in the corner. Okay. I made that up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone new to the scene did.

God bless this man. I do love a good sale.

What did I buy? I haven’t got back into the swing of taking pictures of everything, but here are the things I did photograph for Etsy.

Items For Sale

All of these are, were, or will be in my Etsy shop, JustVintage2 . A yelloware bowl and lid, the ram’s head bookends sold almost as soon as they were listed, a copper samovar, a huge, Zanesville Stone Age Modern bowl, a mantle clock and a pipe box.

Magnolia Tray

The paper mache, magnolia, tray is one of a set of four. They are currently in my booth at Longleaf in Alexander City, Alabama. Stand at the desk, look slightly to your left and there it is. The second booth on the left. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes not. Right now, it’s a not. Right now, the booth is rather embarrassing. I reeeeeally need to work on that.

I did actually buy a lot more than pictured. A trunk full of table legs comes to mind, but I don’t remember everything else. There’s been another sale or two since then that have clouded my memory. More about them next time.

I’m excited to have something to blog about here again! Don’t want to fall down on the job like I did over this past year.

What’s in this week’s box?

Here are a few of the things that came out of storage this week. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of everything, as some went straight to booths. And… I forgot to take pics at the booths. Of course. This is me we’re talking about here.

All these things have been added to my Etsy shop.

January 17 Items on Etsy

I don’t mind telling you it’s killing me to sell the trim and the lamp shades, but I’ve had them for years and still don’t have a plan for them, so it’s time to pass them along. I also had a hard time deciding to part with the big lot of seam binding and trim. Sigh. But I can’t keep everything.

Don’t skip the last hours of an estate sale!

My friend, Tiffany the Cranky Queen , and I have started conducting estate sales locally. And let me tell you, it’s Work! Hard Work. But that’s another story. (We’re Sentimental Suitcase Estate Sales.) What I want to share today is some of the things left at the most recent sale that nobody noticed or wanted — and should have, especially if they’re resellers. We price for dealers on the first day, so when it’s half price, they’re great bargains.

Silent Movie Wall Paper

A roll of silent movie wallpaper from the 1970’s

A bathroom was wallpapered in this. It was original to the house which was built in the early-mid 70’s. This roll was extra.


Record Caddy

1960s record caddy for 45’s


Vintage shelf paper

Vintage contact paper. The one front is double sided. Yellow flowers on one side, orange on the other.


1940's Purdue Pennant

1940’s Purdue Pennant

Okay. I understand why this was left. We’re in Alabama. You’re either for Alabama or Auburn. There are no other teams worthy of attention outside the SEC. But if you sell on the internet (ahem… like me…cough), then this is a pretty neat thing to have for sale.


Arensbak Troll - 1978

Arensbak Troll from 1978

Yep, he’s ugg-lie. But click here to see what they’re asking for them on eBay! No, it won’t pay next month’s rent, but any dollar earned is a good dollar earned. I’ll choose a price somewhere in the middle.


Jack's Hamburgers Vintage Poster

Jack’s Hamburgers Vintage Poster

I think this is my favorite. Jack’s Hamburgers is a fast food restaurant I believe exclusive to Alabama. At least I don’t know of any other states that have it. It’s been around since at least the 1960’s. Their ’60’s jingle was:

Jack’s hamburgers for 15 cents are so good… good… good. You’ll go back, back, back… to Jack’s, Jack’s, Jack’s… for more… more… more.

There were more things, vintage clothes and books mainly, but these things were easy to grab and take pictures of. So don’t always assume that an estate sale won’t have anything left at the end of the second day. If I were going to keep any of this, it would be the shelf paper, but I’ve got so dang much of that kind of thing. Which brings me to why I haven’t been posting this summer.

I haven’t been buying. The move out of the old shop was a real eye opener. I never dreamed I’d stored that much stuff in there. I need to work all that out, into booths and on Etsy before I go out shopping again. I’m thinking about starting a series called, “Let’s See What’s In This Week’s Box.”

I’m also having trouble multitasking. If I’m working on an estate sale, that’s pretty much what I’m doing. Ain’t no house cleaning or internet stuff going on. I’m doing good to be wearing clean clothes. But maybe I’ll manage to get into a groove with it all.


Think you’d like to try selling on Etsy? I love Etsy! Use **this link** and you and I will both get 40 free listings!

Until next time….