A Rafter of Turkeys

Did you know that’s what a flock of turkeys are called? A rafter. I didn’t. Had to look it up. A gang is also acceptable, apparently. Anyway, that’s what the mantle has now. A rafter of turkeys. No one is outstanding. Their appeal is in the group.

Thanksgiving turkey mantle - A rafter of turkeys

You can click on the picture to see a larger view.

The group includes a paper plate turkey one of the kids made in grammar school and a pine cone turkey the other made. I don’t remember offhand who made what. There are turkey shakers, Gurley candles, planters and candle holders. But the star is the large turkey painting in the middle.

Painting of a turkey

I’ve had it for several years, but would forget to put it out because it wasn’t with the little guys or just not decorate that year. This is it’s first year on display. I do so love it.

I know the mantle isn’t very imaginative, but that’s OK. At least it’s out there. Besides, if my new Silhouette blade will hurry up and get here, I’ve got a quick project I want to do. My old blade is tearing up the paper. Can’t wait to do that little project.


I’m ready to start making Christmas decorations! Are you? I’m feeling so creative and crafty right now. I for sure don’t want to be working. Don’t want to be working the booths or Etsy. Just at the time I need to most. But that’s always the way it is with me. I’m never in the mood to do what needs doing the most.

I’ve also got some changes rolling around in my mind. Changes for the blog and the booths and maybe….. maybe even the b&m shop that is now the warehouse. I want to jump on these, but am scared to at the same time. Plus the timing isn’t right. But more about those later.

See y’all ’bout Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “A Rafter of Turkeys

  1. I’m crazy about your turkeys- I never find old ones so I have mostly pheasants. Took a quick visit to Sylacauga today. She was not feeling well but had enough spirit to complain about TC’s retirement beard!

  2. We have many of the same turkeys, but you have been holding out on me w/ that awesome turkey painting! Love it… One phrase: that comes to me in your will – LOL! Keep Gobbling! Luv ya…

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