7 hours of shopping work for this?

Good grief! I only went to the sales on Saturday, but there were more to go to than I had time for. Both yard sales and estate sales. I didn’t pick and choose. Just went in order. All day I trudged up and down steep driveways, gazed at tables laden with people’s cast offs, toured houses of the deceased or the moving, and it seemed to be the same story everywhere I went. Nobody had anything of interest for me. I don’t know if it was the mood I was in, if I started on the wrong side of town first, or if there truly was nothing of interest out there. I did find a couple of things that should pay for my gas when they sell, but in the end, I’d have been better off if I’d stayed at home. This was the day’s take:

A Panasonic flip clock radio (Why didn’t I stage the picture better and hide the cord?), a piece of so-so fabric and a badly broken clock. And…….

An old movie projector, a broken slate, a trinket box with a chipped corner, a white Bible and a white child’s prayer book, a cheap hour glass – or is it a minute glass? – and a little Christmas tin.

Oh, I forgot. Some sheets to use as muslins for the pants pattern I’m still(!) trying to make fit. How pitiful is that? It seemed if I was remotely interested, it was too expensive. I do regret not buying the brown transfer plates for $5 each at the first sale. She started out wanting $10 each and came down to $5. She paid $65 a piece for two of them, for Heaven’s sake! But I never make good decisions at the first sale of the day. Maybe she doesn’t make good decisions at antique shops?

On another note, I need to grumble. Our DSL is flying away at the super sonic speed of old dial up. This is so frustrating! I wanted to view the live feed of the Etsy workshops on Friday, but all I got was the spinning wheel. No movement of the picture and no sound. Pinterest is a pain. Pinterest! All the pictures won’t load. So until we do something about this or it gets better – cough – I’m doing only what I have to do on the internet. Work and check emails. And play Words With Friends with my son. It’s too annoying to try to do anything more.


One thought on “7 hours of shopping work for this?

  1. l can totally relate to all that shopping and not too much buying…it just happens sometimes doesn’t it. Well the projector alone was almost worth it, and l love the fabric and the writing slate.

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