First estate sale of the year for me

You know, here in the South, our sales don’t stop except for major holidays. They slow down, a lot, but don’t stop. I’ve got enough stuff in storage that I’m not actively hunting at the moment, but when an estate sale is 3 miles from my house, I can’t not go. I didn’t get out early to go. Actually showed up a couple of hours late. Judging by some of the things I got, I wonder just what I missed? Now, some of the things I bought are eye roll worthy. The only reason I can think of that made me put them in my stack was hunger. Hunger for a deal. But a 50¢ deal is 50¢ trashed if I can’t figure out what to do with it.

Here are pictures of The Stuff. Good and bad. And forgive the pictures. Some are not up to snuff. Trying out a new picture taking spot and lighting. There are so many pictures, to cut down load time, I used several thumbnails instead of full size pics. If there’s anything you’ve just got to see better, click on the picture to see a larger one. 😉

MCM Magazine Rack

Mid century magazine rack


Merry Mushroom

I can never remember which pieces of the Arnel’s mushroom series people want, so I tend to buy what I find. Haven’t hit gold yet.


Strawberry perfume bottle

The ironstone pitcher in the back is marked DIXIE on the bottom. I thought that was cool. The little perfume bottle is shaped like an elongated strawberry and came in the little white case. There’s a tag that says France, but no other indication what the perfume is or anything. The other things were just in a box. Didn’t actually buy them on purpose.


Chippy paint clay flower pots

These flower pots are larger than they look in the picture. Six and eight inch-ers. I liked them because of the blue color that’s chipping off.


Vintage Christmas boxes

I’ve always been attracted to vintage Christmas boxes. Thanks to Pinterest and Beth Leintz, I now know what I can do with them!

Source: via Wanda on Pinterest


Vintage fabric

Vintage, dirty, smelly fabric. Pulled out of a barn. No, not really a barn, a storage outbuilding that looks like a house on the outside, but barn-ish on the inside.

Let me stop here and explain the outbuildings. The first day there were two open. They leaned like the Tower of Pizza. Floors were rotten. I almost went through one board. The second day, a third building was opened. The sale handlers were afraid to open it because they could see rot around the door frame and were scared people would get hurt. They only opened it because folks were begging. The rot? It was only around the door frame. The inside was sturdier than the leaning buildings. This fabric came from that building.

Now back to pictures:

Vintage fabric and patterns

More fabric. This time with patterns. Smelly, but not so dirty.


Georgia embroidery

Old, Georgia embroidery pillow top, cute basket and a salt shaker with crusty lid. Figured the glass might prove useful in a project some day.


Tole painted planters

Rose, tole painted planters. Pretty, but crusty and rusty. They had the crustier one on the bottom inside the prettier one and had them taped together. Boo hiss! No fair! Had I known the bottom one was so bad, I’d have waited for half price day. But that’s OK. They’re still pretty and hard to find.


Tin of sewing items

A large tin full of sewing paraphernalia. I haven’t even dug around to see the goodies yet.


Vintage honeycomb Easter decorations

These were particular favorites of mine. Several Easter, fold out, honeycomb table decorations. Two different styles. This picture might be worthy of a click. These will be for sale on Etsy before too long. If I get my be-hind in gear.


Tablecloth and fabric

A grody tablecloth – don’t bother to enlarge. It’s pretty yucky – and some more vintage fabric. The tablecloth is destined to become part of a project. It’s a head scratcher. No, I don’t think it has bugs! I just don’t know why I bought it.


Vintage scarves

1970s scarves for my hair — if I can get them clean — and a hanky for the lace trim.


Chicken mash bag

Crafting things. A chicken mash bag front, some millinery flowers and snowmen picks.


Ringed pottery vases

A pair of tall, blue, ringed vases. I always think of these as florist vases. They’re unmarked, but possibly Bauer? I’m not sure the lip is right for Bauer. More research is needed.


Omar Queen of Egypt Perfume

Do you know anything about perfume bottles? This is Omar something-or-other. I couldn’t squint enough to read the last name, but if you know perfumes, you’ll know what it is. The brand isn’t rare. But I can’t find the bottle on the internet. It’s about 3″ tall, Egyptian motif painted on the front. Something about Queen of Egypt written on the back.


1920s Child's Flapper dress

1920s young girl’s silk dress. It’s stained and so fragile, but I couldn’t resist it. Kinda wrinkly, too.


Vintage blue nightgown

Can’t tell much by the picture, but that’s a pretty, light blue nightgown.


Old birdcage

There’s a story that goes with this birdcage. Remember I said I was a couple of hours late getting to the sale. This cage was on the front porch, sitting atop a table. The table had a sold/family sign hanging on the side. I thought the birdcage was part of the sold stuff. Especially since I personally knew several people who were there before me who would have snapped it up. These people stood in line waiting to get in and would have stared at it for quite awhile. Probably would have been racing to get to it first. But it nagged at me that maybe it was just the table that had sold and not the cage, the rolled up print for a dollar and the odd book that were all sitting on top. So I asked. It wasn’t sold! Up until that very moment when I said add it onto my total. I asked Tiffany, who was one of the people waiting in line why she didn’t get it. She thought it was sold. I guess everybody thought that. Lesson here = always ask.


These last two pictures are things I’ll be keeping.

Antique apothecary jars

These apothecary jars were rather pricey for me. After much lip chewing, and waffling back and forth, should I or shouldn’t I, I decided to go for it. They look old, but I don’t know glass and especially don’t know apothecary jars. For the price they’d doggone better be old!

Next is my favorite. It loses it’s charm in the picture. I know some of you will wonder what I see in it, but some others will know exactly what I see.

Antique terrarium

I’m not sure if it was originally a terrarium or an aquarium. It’s about a foot, maybe a little more, across. Probably 10″ high. I don’t have it home with me yet and didn’t measure. But wanted to give you an idea of size. I totally fell in love with the green metal sides with the yellow stripe.


The back glass has a huge crack in it? Don’t care. Feet are rusted. That don’t bother me none. This came out of the building that they opened up the second day. I saw another lady look at it and shun it, I’m guessing because of the crack. I’m so glad she didn’t take it. I don’t know yet what I’ll do with it, but when things settle down around here, I’ll figure it out.

I’d tell you all about what’s going on, what we’re up to, but this post is already way too long. Stay tuned. And don’t forget to check out the new blog, Just Vintage Home. I’m posting there, but still futzing around with the look.

Have you been to any good sales yet this year? Does your part of the country have a yard sale season or do you get to shop year round?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Since we are in snow season and even the estate sales are rare right now it is fun to look through someone else’s pile.

  2. WOw, you scored. Love the vintage terrarium. I see snakes or spiders originally living in it. But my heart is with the glass apothocary jars by far. Love glass like this,so many faboosh uses.

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