Tiny book with sweet surprises

Sometimes we find the sweetest things while out junking. I bought this little book simply because of its size. I have a thing for itty bitty books and this one is only 2-1/2″ wide and 3″ tall.

Tiny book - Daily Food For Christians

I have no idea how old it is, but it’s warranted to be pure linen. I left my thumb and finger in the picture so you can see the size of the book.

Tiny book - Daily Food For Christians

I had the book for quite some time before I actually opened it and looked inside. Surprise #1:

Suffer the little children

A tiny, “suffer the little children” card. But it gets sweeter:

Surprise #2:

Lock of baby hair inside a book

A lock of fine, brown, baby hair. But that’s not all!

Surprise #3:

Lock of baby hair inside book

That golden lock of hair is awfully tiny. Hopefully this baby just didn’t have a lot of hair.

Do you notice the string they’re tied with?

But wait! What’s this? Another surprise!

Locks of baby hair inside book

Twins? And these yellow locks are tied in blue embroidery floss.

I wonder if all the children lived? Or if these were locks of hair of babies that didn’t survive into childhood?

I do love this little book and every time I see it, I think of its secret contents and start to wonder about their story.

Tell me your favorite stories of finding unexpected surprises. Maybe a $100 bill? An unmailed letter to a lover? Let’s hear them!


4 thoughts on “Tiny book with sweet surprises

  1. How precious! You know a loving mother/GRANDmother saved those locks of hair.
    The most precious surprise I found was a pair of my Daddy’s baby shoes.

  2. Oh Wanda I agree…how PRECIOUS!! Why would anyone have given it up?..Hmmmmm I can’t say I’ve found anything too surprising in something I’ve purchased. I did find a really beautiful ormolu perfume bottle from the 20’s in an auction lot once. That was a wonderful surprise! Vanna

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