Today’s Buys

It dawned on me that I haven’t shared a haul with y’all in a long time. Ricky got up and went with me to the local sales this morning. He bought a hedge clipper, a weed eater, a cabinet and a toy fire truck. Nah. I’m not going to show pictures of all that. I’m just so happy he went and didn’t sit in the car. He even saw friends to chat with. And yes, the things he bought will go in his booth.

I didn’t end up with as much as I thought I was getting, but I went ahead and took “selling” pictures and by the time I was finished editing, I felt like I’d bought everything in town!

Everything I’m picturing came from one sale. I did buy a couple of tooky things at other sales, but forgot to put them in the pictures.

Two little pots with animals in them, a bell with a silhouette of a Dutch girl on top, a glass stopper, a Fenton? Holly stem dish, a silhouette biscuit jar – with a bad crack :-( – a Rosenthal vase, a pink bedside carafe, two made in Japan shoes, an Autumn Leaf Jewel Tea custard cup, a half doll, a glass apothecary jar with a red silhouette (Oops! That did come from another sale.) 5 mid century spice bottles, a spice rack I didn’t picture, a set of aqua salt and pepper shakers and a bird wall pocket.

A stoneware butter crock, a red plaid tin picnic basket and a barometer.

Van Briggle candlesticks.

Nothing earth shattering, but good, solid, sellable things.

I’m calling these the best of that sale.

And I almost forgot. Got these next things at a different sale:

Big, well, sorta big, solid brass letters.

And what did I buy for myself? You know I always have to keep something.

Lace and trim, rolls of seam binding (which I might share), a wooden spool, a shaving brush, so-so buttons and a chalk shelf sitter.

I’m still not cruising the blogs or Pinterest. Our DSL is still too slow. Doggone-it now! I’m ready to go to a different provider! Hope to visit y’all soon!

5 thoughts on “Today’s Buys

  1. I love all your finds…will be so glad when I am back on my feet and able to go looking…lucky girl you…beautiful finds there!

  2. Oh, I see some vintage sewing items, I too collect them. Really like the picnic basket, good finds! Newest Linky follower, hope to see you follow along.

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