Changes they are a comin’

We get on a road, following a plan, a plan that has deviated and become twisted, then sometimes we have to stop what we’re doing and reevaluate. I tend to get off balance. Like an unbalanced washing machine. I’ve had way too many irons in the fire and too many things going undone and plans not coming to fruition. I’ve had my Etsy shop that I was struggling to keep up with, booths in 3, yes three, antique malls. We have 3 booths in one of those malls alone! And we were still paying rent on the old b&m shop. Using it for storage until we could get the time and energy to reopen. That was the plan. Keep up 5 booths in 3 different cities, wanting to have a large Etsy store, and run an antique shop at least a few days a week. I took pictures of the shop last month in preparation of The Big Clean Up to get ready to open in June. Here’s a partial shot of one of the rooms:


I hear what you’re thinking out there. Gasp! She’s a hoarder! False. 99% of that is for sale. That’s what they all say. Well, in this case it’s true. Most of this was waiting to be put on Etsy before going to the local booth. How did it get to be such a mess? Ricky thought he’d put his woodworking shop in my shop, so I was moved to one, small side room. Quickly. Things were stacked in the beginning but, like hoarders, they started being tossed in, shoved in, strewn around, left that way… But he didn’t move his woodworking shop in there. He rented a building next door. And the mess expanded:


Now, you’ve got to know that weighs on your mind. Or it does mine. I might not even see the mess for a week, but it’s in my unconscious mind. Nagging me. But we had plans and I needed to get down there and get to work. But I haven’t yet.

Then one day last week I started thinking. Yes, it hurt. Why do you ask? :-) I “was burdened” with the thought that it was time to let the shop go. We were never going to get around to cleaning it up and opening again. We were paying rent on something that was giving nothing in return and it’s not been open to the public in two years. As slow as I am it would take me the next 10 years to work all that stuff out. Yes, it was time. Ricky wasn’t home that morning, but when he came in, he made a bee-line to the room I was in and said, “I need to talk to you about something.” At first I was kinda scared the way he said that, all serious like, but when he said, “I think we need to let the shop go”, that burden was lifted! Keep in mind neither of us had mentioned this before. Both of us were proceeding with the plan to reopen. But when we were thinking the same thoughts, independently, all morning long and couldn’t get it off our minds… well, there’s no question that this is what we’re supposed to do.

There’s more to the story, more changes in the works, but I’m not ready to share all that. It’s still in the maybe this or maybe that stage. So to pay tribute to the little brick and mortar shop I had for a couple of years, here are some pictures (some that I could find quickly) of how it used to be:

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

(The same room as the picture above.)


Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk




Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Thanksgiving was not forgotten

Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk


Just Vintage Display : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk


A new booth in a new mall!

We’re at it again. Opening another booth in a mall new to us, Angels in Opelika, Alabama. It’s a big ‘un. The mall and the booth. Both big. We’ve been working hard the past few weeks getting things ready to go in the booth, but kept having to put the stuff we were finishing into the booth at Longleaf in Alex City because stuff was selling out of there. So now, both booths are kinda bare looking. It’s all taking over our life. There is no  life outside of building, painting, fixing, redoing… I’ve even been too tired to look at Pinterest at night!

Here are the pieces we put in Angels:

Stacking benches

Stacked benches hubby built and I painted and a five sided table I painted and antiqued.

Before I go further, just let me remind you how much out of my comfort zone I am with painting. But ya do what’cha gotta do.

MCM aqua nightstand : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Adorable mid century nightstand in aqua with black legs.

Gray and white mid century dresser : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Fab, mid century dresser in gray and white.


Faux Wood Grain Painted Chiffarobe : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

The picture does not show the original, faux wood graining of this chifferobe. It’s really pretty cool. —– Ha! I was trying so hard not to be in the full length mirror that I forgot the little round mirror. So there I am.

Chalkboard painted bench and picnic basket : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

An accident happened during transport. Some wood was knocked off one of the legs. The top was messed up a bit, too. I’ll either have to take some chalkboard paint there to make the necessary repairs or bring it home. The picnic basket top is painted in chalkboard paint, too.

Half door chalkboard coat rack : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Took this picture before we left the house. An old door with original, chippy paint was cut in half. The panels were painted in chalkboard paint and old hooks were added at the bottom.

Bookcase and half door coat rack : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

A bookcase hubby made, the half door coat rack again and an old tin Hoosier drawer. On the shelf of the bookcase is this little tote:

Small tote with Graphics Fariry image transfer : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

It’s a small tote with a Graphics Fairy image transfer. I wasn’t completely happy with the image transfer result. But guess what? It was the first thing to sell. I always wonder, when the first thing to sell is “some little something”, nothing special, if someone in the mall bought it to make us feel good, give us a start, or if they truly liked it? In this case I also wonder if they’re going to paint over it? LOL But I suppose it’s cute as is. I know I’m critical because I did it and it didn’t match the vision. But perhaps the … um… messiness of it gives it a more authentic look?

Anyway, if y’all are anywhere near Opelika come on by and see what’s next! We’re still working. Busy, busy, busy. Our booth is all the way to the left. When you walk in the mall, turn left and go as far as you can go. We’re the last corner booth on the right. Booth “OREO”. If I’d known that the name was going to be on the wall, I’d have thought of something more clever. Oreo’s our cat and was the first name that came to mind.

Don’t forget we’re at Longleaf in Alex City and the Pickle Patch Market in Sylacauga, too. We’re booth WC1 at Longleaf and 05 at the Patch. Just ask. And enjoy all the other booths, too! There are some great ones in all three malls. They make for fun outings.

Latest Sale Finds and the Baby’s First Estate Sale

My goodness! How quickly time flies and I get behind on blog posts!  There were several sales going on last weekend and even Monday and Tuesday. I was out there, in the trenches, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Digging and hunting. Searching hard for the bargains and treasures. All the while trying to avoide the big and tall people who don’t see me and tend to bump into me and step on me and push in front of me…. Does that happen to you?

I haven’t photographed everything that was bought, but  here are some of the things:

Yard Sale Finds

The wreath above is made from cotton husks. I’ll probably keep that to use in patriotic decorations. It’s not in great shape anyway.

Yard Sale Finds

Cool, Rubbermaid canisters and La Solana shakers. La Solana isn’t a big seller, but I always buy the pieces I find. It was a give away at a local drugstore and is a fond memory for me. I only collect the plates and cereal/soup bowls, though. And glasses, but those are very hard to find. So any other pieces are for sale.

Yard Sale Finds

A mid century snack set/cheese tray/fondue set/whatever and an ice bucket.

MCM Wood and Marble Lamps

Mid century wood and marble lamps.

Restaurantware Egg Cups

These restaurantware egg cups are already listed on Etsy and on JustVintageHome. $12.00

Globe Bank

Iron Console Set

Candelabras - Girandoles

There’s a story about these candelabras. My friend Jeri called Sunday and said she was at an estate sale and I might want to come. Well, ya don’t have to twist my arm. I was off as soon as I could throw on some clothes and slap on a dab of makeup. Took me about 10 minutes, if that, to get out of the house. The sale was 45 miles from here and it seemed like it took HOURS to get there. When I finally, finally made it there and started looking around, I was shocked. The things that were actually priced were terribly high. I’m sorry, but I can’t pay $40 for something I can only sell for $20. Jeri whispered that they’d make deals, but she didn’t know just how good of a deal. She had a pile, but hadn’t asked how much yet. So I started a pile.

I was cautious. I really liked 3/4 of the things there, but just didn’t know what to do. When I was fairly satisfied that I’d got the things I thought I might could afford and asked how much, it was way, way lower than I expected so I went back for more. That’s when I decided perhaps I could get the candelabras. I’ve seen how much these things cost and know I’m not likely to ever turn loose of that much money to buy any for myself, so I’m probably going to keep these. Although, the money would certainly come in handy. Still… Why do I do this? So I can get pretty things for myself that I couldn’t otherwise afford. So there.

Monday took us to another estate sale. Prices were high and I don’t think I’ve got any pictures of the few things I bought there yet. This sale was our Dani’s first estate sale. Just 2-1/2 weeks old. We’re starting her off right. Carrying on the tradition. My grandmother, my mother, me, my daughter and now my granddaughter. All of us love(ed) the sales. Well, we don’t know if Dani loves them yet, but she slept the whole time and she doesn’t always sleep. Maybe she does like them. Everybody sure liked her!

Baby's first estate sale

I went to a few sales this morning, but that’s a tale for another day.


A repurposed piece of enamelware

When I spotted this 8″ square piece of enamelware recently, I knew immediately it should be a magnet board. Normally, I’ll see something and think that needs to be in my stash. Surely I can think of something to do with it. Then years later, it’s still in my stash. But not this time. And I hopped right on the “project”! Of course, all I had to do was make some magnets and then stage the photo.


I’m trying to talk myself into selling this along with the magnets and recipe card. Even wrote up the description and put it on Etsy and in the store on my other blog (Just Vintage Home) but took it down a half hour later. (As I write this it’s even still on my Etsy feed on the right.) I’m enjoying it too much. Not even using it anywhere. It just makes me smile when I walk by and see it.

Estate sale loot and a brand new person in the world

OK. I might as well get it over with. We have a girl grand-darling!  I said on the last post that our daughter decided not to find out the sex of the baby until she was born. That made it so exciting at the time of the birth. So, let me introduce little Danielle Elizabeth.


This was day 2 and taken with my phone. The picture is not good, but the only one I have where she’s not scrunched up, crying, and wondering what just happened. When I’m with her, I’m too busy being with her to think of taking pictures.


Now that I have done my proud grandmother, look at my picture(s) thing, let’s move on to estate sales.

Before I went back to the hospital the second day, I was compelled to go to an estate sale. I don’t know the area very well and thought by the description that it was fairly close in. Not 20 miles out! But by the time I realized how far it was, I was already half way there and figured I might as well continue on.

It was midday, drizzling rain, and they didn’t have a lot to choose from. A few tables set up outside and stuff in the living room and dining room. They said they’d already sold a lot of stuff and I still came out with all this. (The pictures aren’t the best quality. The light was too low and I didn’t have the camera set correctly to compensate for that, so had to lighten in my photo editing software. I use the free Photoscape, by the way. And love it.)


A plastic butterfly serving tray, a milk glass reticulated bowl, a heavy glass leaf, a large, Floraline vase, and a small, silver plate pitcher of some kind.


A couple of cookbooks, a leather souvenir mug, a Reed and Barton, silver plate razor, a small Stangl plate, a tall silver plate glass (thought it needed a bird’s nest) and an old pickle jar.


Three milk glass reticulated plates, one plain, one with birds, one with flowers, and a Fire King hot plate.


A penguin ice bucket with Bakelite handles and a Godinger crystal bowl.

Also got two, tall, wire plant stands.

After I left, I kept thinking I should’a got this or why didn’t I get that? But there was no going back. I also wondered what I missed if these were the things left. Not really things I’d usually buy, but still OK. So, I felt guilty about not going straight to the hospital and glad I went to the sale at the same time. Figured it gave them some more alone time – if there weren’t any other visitors, but I believe there were.

One last picture. Erin would kill me if she knew I was posting it, so I’ll make it a small one.


I know she won’t agree, but how can somebody look so good almost immediately after giving birth?! I sure didn’t look that good.

A Toolbox and A Ladybug

I managed to go to a couple of yard sales this past weekend. It’s not often that I find all the pieces to a vignette in one day. (Vignette isn’t the right word here, but I can’t think of anything better.)

First, I found this toolbox:

Silver colored toolbox

Someone had painted it silver, which is fine. I’m sure it was just a tin toolbox and they “prettied” it up because it was looking rough and banged up. Well, it’s been painted long enough to look rough and banged up again.

Later, I found this big, wooden ladybug:

large wooden ladybug

It’s probably a Hobby Lobby or other home dec store item. Nothing expensive. But awfully cute!

So I went to Dollar Tree and bought some daisy bushes.

Daisy Tool Box : Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk

Daisy toolbox

Real flowers planted in the toolbox would be so much better, but I’m not about to try to keep real flowers alive. This is going to my booth in The Pickle Patch in Sylacauga.


Where have I been these past few weeks, you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya. A nasty sinus infection had me down a few days and I had – pardon the vulgar words that follow – snot brain for several weeks after that. It was like my thoughts had to swim through mucus before they could form. So sorry for that visual. But I’m betting you’re sitting there nodding in a been-there-done-that way. I was like a deer in headlights. But that’s finally almost gone.

Had a couple of my daughter’s baby showers to go to and spent a good bit of time preparing the estate sale mentioned in the last post. Then there was the ever present work. Going from booth to booth and Etsy. Annnnddd… we do have plans to reopen the shop and have been cleaning up in there when we had the chance. I think I’ve mentioned that before. At first, we were shooting for a March opening. Now it’s April 1. We’ll see. BECAUSE — Our first grand-darling will be born within the next couple of days!! I imagine we’ll keep the roads hot. Who cares about opening the shop? LOL

So you’re up to date on what’s been going on in my life lately. Not much. Won’t be able to say that this time next week, but that’s where it is right now.

Estate sale in Sylacauga, AL March 1-2

We’re conducting an estate sale in Sylacauga, AL

March 1-28-4
832 Pineview Ln.

It’s actually two combined estates. The late Dr. Steven Rudd and his parents’ estate. What’s there? Small household items. one mid mod bedroom suit, 3 hide-a-bed sofas, glass top dining table, roll top desk, other small pieces of furniture, household items, hundreds of books, many medical, CDs, DVDs, records from the 1960s-70s, lots of very nice mens clothing. 80 volumes of Medical Classics Library, other collectible books, Mont Blanc pens, watches, Renaissance items (chain mail hoods, helmets, shield, daggers), computer equipment and electronics…

By request of the estate, this is a cash only sale, so bring those dollar bills! If you’ve been to our sales before, you know we price to move it out. Lots of bargains. Saturday will be half price. Hope to see you there and tell us you saw it here!

The Saga Of the Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree Comes To An End

Several years ago, 2007 to be exact, I told the story of my “ownership”, loss, and quest for another 6′, pompom, silver, aluminum Christmas tree. I won’t repeat it in detail, but you can read it here. I just reread it and it was a fun read, if I may say so myself! (That blog post was back in the day when I had a Blogger blog. Things haven’t been updated there in years.) In a nutshell, Momma had one, I hated it, wanted it later, thought I had it, but it was gold and not ours, and I’ve been on a quest ever since. This quest has gone on for 13 years.

Went to an estate sale Saturday. I only had time for one sale and I chose this one. Turned out, it was in the back yard and basement. Boxes were EVERYWHERE in the back yard. Boxes, and boxes and boxes. And boxes. And MORE boxes. People were leaning over, rummaging through. Now, I love to dig as much as the next junker, but not this time. The boxes weren’t just On the Ground, they were sitting in wet, sloppy, icky, cover your shoes MUD! Bleah! To make matters worse, you’d dig and come up with cheap, 1980’s decor. No, that combo, mud and ’80’s, really took the wind out of my sails. Besides, several friends had beat me and probably had found things of worth already. Quite discouraging.

I did get some old fabric and quilt tops and pieces and sewing paraphernalia. Who me? Sewing stuff? What a surprise! Ha! Then I realized the basement was open. You betch’a I made a beeline to the dry spot. Picked up a few more things. An old, oval, convex glass frame, a covered cake stand, can’t remember what else at the moment.

I was walking around, making sure I wasn’t missing anything when a joyful noise came from the heavens. The Angels sang. A light shown around a box. A box?

Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree Box

A nondescript, taped up, box. It was close to the basement entrance. Every single person there walked right past it several times. Including me. Perhaps they didn’t see the writing on top?

Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree Box

Oh, yeah. I grabbed that baby, hoping it wouldn’t be beyond my budget. When the seller saw it, she commented that it was such a pretty tree. They’d had it when she was a little girl. I asked how tall it was and she put her hand up above her head – about that tall. She thought about taking it home with her, but she was on a plane, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. Too bad, so sad. I WANT IT! But I still didn’t ask how much. We just tallied everything I had. I offered $10 less and we had a deal.

I still had not looked inside. It could have been some other crapola in there for all I knew. Maybe it just said silver tree. Two days later – Yup. I was able to contain myself for two whole days – I opened it. These pictures were taken as I was opening. How’s that for self restraint?

I held my breath, undoing the tape and my, my, it was taped real good. Finally it opened. Was it………..???

Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree Box

YES! It was!! The original box is still there, too. In pieces, but kept with the tree. I don’t know if I’m completely satisfied, though. The pompom ends aren’t as full and lovely as ours were.

Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree

So this one might be replaced sometime in the future. Or maybe not. After all, it has it’s own, fun story.

First estate sale of the year for me

You know, here in the South, our sales don’t stop except for major holidays. They slow down, a lot, but don’t stop. I’ve got enough stuff in storage that I’m not actively hunting at the moment, but when an estate sale is 3 miles from my house, I can’t not go. I didn’t get out early to go. Actually showed up a couple of hours late. Judging by some of the things I got, I wonder just what I missed? Now, some of the things I bought are eye roll worthy. The only reason I can think of that made me put them in my stack was hunger. Hunger for a deal. But a 50¢ deal is 50¢ trashed if I can’t figure out what to do with it.

Here are pictures of The Stuff. Good and bad. And forgive the pictures. Some are not up to snuff. Trying out a new picture taking spot and lighting. There are so many pictures, to cut down load time, I used several thumbnails instead of full size pics. If there’s anything you’ve just got to see better, click on the picture to see a larger one. ;-)

MCM Magazine Rack

Mid century magazine rack


Merry Mushroom

I can never remember which pieces of the Arnel’s mushroom series people want, so I tend to buy what I find. Haven’t hit gold yet.


Strawberry perfume bottle

The ironstone pitcher in the back is marked DIXIE on the bottom. I thought that was cool. The little perfume bottle is shaped like an elongated strawberry and came in the little white case. There’s a tag that says France, but no other indication what the perfume is or anything. The other things were just in a box. Didn’t actually buy them on purpose.


Chippy paint clay flower pots

These flower pots are larger than they look in the picture. Six and eight inch-ers. I liked them because of the blue color that’s chipping off.


Vintage Christmas boxes

I’ve always been attracted to vintage Christmas boxes. Thanks to Pinterest and Beth Leintz, I now know what I can do with them!

Source: via Wanda on Pinterest


Vintage fabric

Vintage, dirty, smelly fabric. Pulled out of a barn. No, not really a barn, a storage outbuilding that looks like a house on the outside, but barn-ish on the inside.

Let me stop here and explain the outbuildings. The first day there were two open. They leaned like the Tower of Pizza. Floors were rotten. I almost went through one board. The second day, a third building was opened. The sale handlers were afraid to open it because they could see rot around the door frame and were scared people would get hurt. They only opened it because folks were begging. The rot? It was only around the door frame. The inside was sturdier than the leaning buildings. This fabric came from that building.

Now back to pictures:

Vintage fabric and patterns

More fabric. This time with patterns. Smelly, but not so dirty.


Georgia embroidery

Old, Georgia embroidery pillow top, cute basket and a salt shaker with crusty lid. Figured the glass might prove useful in a project some day.


Tole painted planters

Rose, tole painted planters. Pretty, but crusty and rusty. They had the crustier one on the bottom inside the prettier one and had them taped together. Boo hiss! No fair! Had I known the bottom one was so bad, I’d have waited for half price day. But that’s OK. They’re still pretty and hard to find.


Tin of sewing items

A large tin full of sewing paraphernalia. I haven’t even dug around to see the goodies yet.


Vintage honeycomb Easter decorations

These were particular favorites of mine. Several Easter, fold out, honeycomb table decorations. Two different styles. This picture might be worthy of a click. These will be for sale on Etsy before too long. If I get my be-hind in gear.


Tablecloth and fabric

A grody tablecloth – don’t bother to enlarge. It’s pretty yucky – and some more vintage fabric. The tablecloth is destined to become part of a project. It’s a head scratcher. No, I don’t think it has bugs! I just don’t know why I bought it.


Vintage scarves

1970s scarves for my hair — if I can get them clean — and a hanky for the lace trim.


Chicken mash bag

Crafting things. A chicken mash bag front, some millinery flowers and snowmen picks.


Ringed pottery vases

A pair of tall, blue, ringed vases. I always think of these as florist vases. They’re unmarked, but possibly Bauer? I’m not sure the lip is right for Bauer. More research is needed.


Omar Queen of Egypt Perfume

Do you know anything about perfume bottles? This is Omar something-or-other. I couldn’t squint enough to read the last name, but if you know perfumes, you’ll know what it is. The brand isn’t rare. But I can’t find the bottle on the internet. It’s about 3″ tall, Egyptian motif painted on the front. Something about Queen of Egypt written on the back.


1920s Child's Flapper dress

1920s young girl’s silk dress. It’s stained and so fragile, but I couldn’t resist it. Kinda wrinkly, too.


Vintage blue nightgown

Can’t tell much by the picture, but that’s a pretty, light blue nightgown.


Old birdcage

There’s a story that goes with this birdcage. Remember I said I was a couple of hours late getting to the sale. This cage was on the front porch, sitting atop a table. The table had a sold/family sign hanging on the side. I thought the birdcage was part of the sold stuff. Especially since I personally knew several people who were there before me who would have snapped it up. These people stood in line waiting to get in and would have stared at it for quite awhile. Probably would have been racing to get to it first. But it nagged at me that maybe it was just the table that had sold and not the cage, the rolled up print for a dollar and the odd book that were all sitting on top. So I asked. It wasn’t sold! Up until that very moment when I said add it onto my total. I asked Tiffany, who was one of the people waiting in line why she didn’t get it. She thought it was sold. I guess everybody thought that. Lesson here = always ask.


These last two pictures are things I’ll be keeping.

Antique apothecary jars

These apothecary jars were rather pricey for me. After much lip chewing, and waffling back and forth, should I or shouldn’t I, I decided to go for it. They look old, but I don’t know glass and especially don’t know apothecary jars. For the price they’d doggone better be old!

Next is my favorite. It loses it’s charm in the picture. I know some of you will wonder what I see in it, but some others will know exactly what I see.

Antique terrarium

I’m not sure if it was originally a terrarium or an aquarium. It’s about a foot, maybe a little more, across. Probably 10″ high. I don’t have it home with me yet and didn’t measure. But wanted to give you an idea of size. I totally fell in love with the green metal sides with the yellow stripe.


The back glass has a huge crack in it? Don’t care. Feet are rusted. That don’t bother me none. This came out of the building that they opened up the second day. I saw another lady look at it and shun it, I’m guessing because of the crack. I’m so glad she didn’t take it. I don’t know yet what I’ll do with it, but when things settle down around here, I’ll figure it out.

I’d tell you all about what’s going on, what we’re up to, but this post is already way too long. Stay tuned. And don’t forget to check out the new blog, Just Vintage Home. I’m posting there, but still futzing around with the look.

Have you been to any good sales yet this year? Does your part of the country have a yard sale season or do you get to shop year round?

A couple of MCM things I’ve found recently

I haven’t posted any finds lately, but that doesn’t mean there are none. It hasn’t been convenient to take pictures, the light hasn’t been right….. Yeah. OK. I’ve been lazy. I admit it. I do have a pretty big lazy streak.

Here are two of the things I’ve come home with lately. Thought I’d show them together since they’re from the same era and in the same genre. (Oooo! She used a fancy word!)

Found these burlap tumblers in a thrift store:

Burlap tumblers

There were more, but the others had cracks. Usually what you find in these is cups with handles, but these are cup size with no handles.

This next item was found at another thrift store. There was an annoying lady looking at all the lamps, staying forever and I was about to turn around and cruise another aisle. Erin was with me and spotted this lamp. She simply pointed. The Heavens opened and the angels sang. I snatched and grabbed. Then thought to look at the price. Yes! It was doable. VERY doable!


The picture does it no favors. It’s stunning in person. Now, I know not everybody appreciates this style. I didn’t until maybe 10 years ago. I still don’t decorate with it, but do so wish I had enough rooms to have at least one mid mod room. I want to keep this lamp so bad!  – Badly? Which is correct? – But so far I haven’t found anywhere it can go. I suppose I could redo a whole room around it…. But remember that lazy streak? Yeah. It’d kick in, I’m pretty sure.


I’ve made my first “official” post at the new blog, Just Vintage Home, about my new upcycled coffee table. Used to, we’d call it a make-do table. I’d love for you to pay a visit! I’m still working on getting a subscribe button on there. That really shouldn’t be so hard. But if you use Google reader and have the rss subscribe thingy in your browser, I’d appreciate the follow.